Hi! I’m Shruti. I'm a screenwriter, third culture kid, and breakfast taco aficionado.

I'm from Michigan (by way of India, England, and Missouri) and went to undergrad at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where I studied Biology. I still love science and a lot of my stories as science/technology inspired.

My pilots have placed in the finals and semi-finals of competitions such as Tracking Board Launchpad, Scriptapalooza, and the Austin Film Festival. I am also a 2019 Warner Brothers TV Workshop Finalist in Comedy.

Recently, I wrote and created the comedy web series Gym Buddies. It's a a fitness satire about two women who decide to Get in shape. It’s very silly, lady-driven, and even has a musical episode! The show was recently acquired by a small OTT platform aimed at South Asian Americans.

I once tried writing a novel, but it was really short and triple-spaced with wonky margins and too much dialogue. No idea what happened there.

You can find me on Twitter @shrutesnladders

You can also contact me here if you’d like to work with me, represent me, read something I’ve written, or tell me the future. 

Thanks for dropping by!