Hi! I’m Shruti, an Austin-based television comedy writer and breakfast taco aficionado!

I've lived all over the world, but spent my formative years in Michigan and went to undergrad at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where I studied Biology. I still get a lot of inspiration from ideas in science and technology and I love writing science-informed comedies with female leads! 

My sci-fi comedy pilot, Before Mars, is about a bunch of nerds prepping for a journey to Mars at a space program run by an eccentric multi-millionaire. It was a finalist in Tracking Board Pilot Launch Competition, a semi-finalist in the Finish Line Script Competition, and a quarterfinalist at the Austin Film Festival in 2017.

I wrote and created the comedy web series Gym Buddies, which is a fitness satire about two women who decide to start weight lifting! It’s super fun, lady-driven, and even has a musical episode! Season 1 comes out in February 2018. You can watch it here.

Currently, I’m finishing up a romcom feature, developing an Indian family comedy, and writing a global finance drama! 

I once tried writing a novel, but it was really short and triple-spaced with wonky margins and too much dialogue. No idea what happened there.

You can find me on Twitter @shrutesnladders

You can also contact me here if you’d like to work with me, represent me, read something I’ve written, or tell me the future. 

Thanks for dropping by!