YES. I will read your script.

but only if it's a half-hour comedy script! 

So here's the deal: I love reading and writing television, and I want to support other writers. So, If you're just starting out, looking for feedback, and you don't yet have a ton of writer friends who will read your work, I will read your work and give you my two cents...for free. 

I'm not a big-shot screenwriter, but I have read and written a lot of half-hour scripts, and I feel really confident in that format.

It won't be pages and pages of coverage, and it might take me a few weeks, but I promise I will be as honest and constructive as I can! Obviously, if I get inundated with requests, I might have to reconsider this, but for now the traffic on this web site is low enough that this should be totally manageable. 

Also, please make sure your script is ready and polished. Don't send me half written scripts or outlines. And please send half-hour pilots and specs only. My experience with features and dramas is much more limited. 

And no...I will not steal your idea. 

Use the form below to tell me about yourself and your script, and if it meets the above criteria I'll email you back and ask for a PDF of the script. 

Talk to me! 

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